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James Hewettson Brown

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Microclover is Really Micro!

Most forage white clover is quite small leaved when regularly mown in a lawn. But microclover persists and remains as the micro-leaved nitrogen generator in the lawn, evenly spread among the grasses.


Density and spring green up with Microclover


Demo trials established late autumn 2008 at DLF-TRIFOLIUM's research facilities in France clearly show the benefit of having Microclover in the lawn grass mixtures. The trial is fertilised with 200 kg N/ha, and as the photos illustrate the plots containing Microclover still show the very best density and spring green up in March 2009.

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Microclover is available from the DLF Group and the Innoseeds Group. You can find contact information for your nearest DLF or Innoseeds office by clicking here.