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Turf producer
James Hewettson Brown

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Microclover on the venue of music festival

Carsten Petersen is in charge of the public football pitches in Skanderborg (a municipality in Denmark). His responsibilities also include the venue of the annual Skanderborg Music festival.

"We use the Microclover mixture on the venue of the music festival and have observed that the recovery and wear tolerance is very strong. We also use the Microclover mixture on all our sports pitches where we do overseeding. Before we started, I asked the players if they would enjoy playing on a sward containing Microclover - most of them refused, but I decided to try anyway and have not received one single complaint.

For more information on Microclover for professional use click here.  

Microclover is Really Micro!

Most forage white clover is quite small leaved when regularly mown in a lawn. But microclover persists and remains as the micro-leaved nitrogen generator in the lawn, evenly spread among the grasses.


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Microclover is available from the DLF Group and the Innoseeds Group. You can find contact information for your nearest DLF or Innoseeds office by clicking here.