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When we initiated the microclover research program we had some clear ideas about the nitrogen supply etc. but with time we discovered many other positive and surprising qualities of clover used for turf.


Breakthrough in Breeding

The ultimate small leaved white clover for turf.

Many years of breeding and selection have resulted in revolutionary microclovers which contain all the benefits of tiny micro leaves.

Healthy and Lush

A green lawn with healthy grass and microclover.

Microclover “spoonfeeds” the grass with nitrogen. This makes the lawn healthy and vigorous. Optimal growth, together with low growing grasses, results in a nice grassy look.


Weed-Free Lawn

Weed is prevented from establishment.

The healthy and dense growth of clover and grass together crowds out weed and prevents new ones establishing.


Tolerant to Close Mowing

With microclover the cutting height can also be “micro”.

No other white clover types tolerate close mowing like microclover does. This is linked to the unique dense structure of microclover stolons.


Green Lawn all Year Round

Nothing compares to the ability of microclover to stay green throughout the growing season and even during winter.

Microclover has been bred to stay green all year round. The healthy growth of the accompanying grasses contributes to the overall attractive green colour which remains throughout the year.


Environmentally Friendly

Less fertiliser and no spraying of fungicides.

It is very hard to think of a more environmentally friendly product with such benefits! Also because there is less need for fertiliser and irrigation, this is a low maintenance, low cost solution.


Increased Drought Tolerance

Natural green colour during drought stress.

These tiny Microclover produce their own source of natural nitrogen which feeds the grass constantly, keeps it healthy and reduces the need for watering. The result is a nice looking, green lawn during summer whereas pure grasses turn yellow. The clover itself also stays green, even if the growth has stopped for a period.