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Is white clover a weed?

If patches of clover spread irregularly in the lawn, it is considered to be unwanted but Microclover spreads very evenly through the lawn and produces a good result.

With clover in the lawn, chemical weed killing will not be possible

White clover is rather resistant and survives some of the herbicides, and is completely resistant to e.g. MCPA.  On the other hand we experience lawns without weed when Microclover is included as the clover gives the lawn better ability to compete with eventually weeds. 

Clover in the lawn makes it slippery

Any turf will be slippery after rain or irrigation but targeted trials on football fields with Microclover mixtures has proved they are no more slippery than ordinary grass fields.

White flower heads

Microclover produces fewer flower heads compared to normal white clover types.  Regular mowing of the lawn reduces flower heads significantly.

Flowers attract bees Lawns mown regularly only contain a few, very young flower heads, with minimal nectar, thus they are not particularly attractive to bees. During the flowering period a lot of other plants in the garden will be flowering and are more likely to attract the bees. 
White clover is susceptible to drought No more than most lawns.  Grass is even more susceptible if it lacks Nitrogen in the period before drought.  Under extreme prolonged drought, the Microclover could appear to “disappear”, but in fact the stolons survive and will reappear later when there is sufficient water available.  Microclover actually extends the “stay green” period of the lawn in summer.
White clover has a poor wear tolerance A pure Microclover lawn will have a similar wear tolerance to the best grass mixtures, but we only produce mixtures with grass seed.  Due to its natural supply of Nitrogen, a Microclover grass mixture will have a better wear tolerance than a lawn with a low input of Nitrogen.
My trousers are being stained green when close contact to the clover No more so than grass stains from a conventional lawn.
White clover seed is expensive With only 5% clover in the mixture, the price per m2  will not be significantly different, however there are savings to be made as the clover provides a natural source of fertiliser and a Microclover lawn is a low maintenance option.