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A step by step guide to overseeding an existing lawn:


Closely mow the lawn.


Scarify lawn using a spring tine rake too remove and break up layers of dead matted grass or thatch.


Spike lawn with a fork, to a depth of at least 15 cm (6 in), to eliminate compaction.


Grass seed can be mixed with equal proportions of general purpose compost and sand to ensure even seed distribution.


Scatter seed liberally over the lawn to ensure a good blend with existing grass.

For best results sow after the lawn has been moistened.


After sowing, rake area so that seed comes into contact with moisture. This will improve germination. Lightly roll if possible.


If dry weather follows sowing, water regularly with fine spray keeping the seed bed constantly moist.


Sowing rates

25 g per sq metre (3/4 oz per sq. yard).